Province highlights & Places to go
Tourist attractions include historic places, such as Tsonjin Boldog-Chinggis Khaan monument-40 m high, XIII-Century complex, Terelj NPHustai NPGun Galuut Nature Reserve and Tonyukuk's grave, poems of prince Tsogt carved in rock in Duut, as old as 450 years, impressive are the ruins of ancient cities of Hunnu, Uighur and Turkish Khanates in the province. 


About Tuv province

 Main town:                 Zuun mod 
 Territory:                    74800 км² 
 Population:               90200 (2010) 
 Distance:                45 km from UB                                 
 Geography & Climate
Geologically north to south, Khentii mountain ranges ends in middle of  the territory of Tuv province and Dornod Mongolian Great Steppe region starts here.  Tuv province means “Central“ because of its location. It includes the western part of the Khentii Mountains, the mountains around the capital, as well as rolling steppe in the south and west. The capital city Ulaanbaatar locates in the deep in territory of Tuv province. 
The province is well-known of its springs and spa resorts as well as Janchivlan, Buuruljuut, Khundgan, Yestii, Suuj. These spa resorts are full every season because these exceptional springs are confirmed to treat the human health. 
Except Tuul River which is crosses the Ulaanbaatar; one of the beautiful and hidden lakes in this province is Khagiin Khar. It is in the middle of forest, which is unreachable by vehicle. The place is abundant with fishes/ lenok, taiman/, birds and wild life /wolf, bear, elk, deer, fox/. It is worth seeing and fishing lake for tourists.

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