Province highlights & Places to go

The location of Orkhon province is close to popular Northern Mongolian tourist destinations and The Republic of Buryat, Russian Federation. 
Trans-Erdenet city tours are becoming more popular all year around, it brings more advantages to develope tourism industry based local businesses and hotels, restaurants, events and more. 

About Orkhon province

 Main town:               Erdenet city 
 Territory:                   84400 км² 
 Population:              85,800 (2010) 
 Distance:              373 km from UB                                 
  Geography & Climate
Erdenet city is Mongolian first copper and molybdenium mining based city and Orkhon province established as a Erdenet city in 1976 during the socialism era. in 1992 Erdenet city become Orkhon province.
Now Mongolian second most populated province about 90000 residends, the number is on the rise.  Locates between Bulgan, Selenge provinces. Erdenet city is Mongolian second biggest city but Orkhon  province is the smallest province.
All basic infrastructures are developed very well and connected by road, railways to other domestic tourist destinations, towns, cities even with the two neighbouring countries.  


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