Mountaineering, Trekking is popular here.  Multi ethnic Khovd province is the home of friendly and hospitality nomads, snow topped - high Altai mountains and rare wild animals, for example; the biggest trophy wild sheep - Altai Argali, Siberian Ibex, Snow Leopard. 
For tourist, 
far west location of Khovd province pushes to choose a flight to reach there as quickest and easiest way.
Adventuring in Khovd province is the best thing to do.


About Khovd province

 Main town:                Khovd 
 Territory:                  76000 км² 
 Population:              88400 (2010) 
 Distance:                1487km from UB                                 
 Geography & Climate
Established in 1931 and named as a name of Khovd river, multi ethnic province, borders with Shinjan Uigur, Republic of China by south and south west,  Bayan Ulgii to the north west, Uvs to the north, Zavkhan to the east north, Gobi-Altai to the east. Territory of Khovd province situated approximately 2200 metres above the sea level in High Altai Mountain range. Famious for snow topped high mountains. Annual rainfall is 120~140mm. The average winter temperature is -17°C ~ -25.5°C, and 15°C 25°C summer time. The wind velocity is 1m/sec, and the length of spring and fall is relatively long about 120 - 160 days.


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