Province highlights & Places to go
Tourist's popular destinantion places for example, interesting fissures like Tsagaan Suwarga known as White Stupa, Morin tolgoi which are formed due to the erosion of sedimentary mud in the sea bottom, Uush Sand DunesIkh Gazriin ChuluuBaga Gazriin Chuluu granite rock mountains and elm forests is registered as a state protected area. Over 10 scenic places from above like Ikh Gazriin Chuluu which are abundant with many rare species, peculiar formations of Uush dunes and Tsagaan suwarga, cultural and historically significant sites as Sum Khukh BurdOngi Monastery are listed in the province’s protected area list.

About Dundgobi province

 Main town:              Mandalgobi
 Territory:                  74700 км² 
 Population:               46300 (2010)  
 Distance:                275 km from UB                                 
  Geography & Climate

Dundgovi is well known for its beautiful scenic places. Province territory divides into two main regions, semi desert and steppe and 3 sub areas in terms of climate: mountain steppe area with dry and cool climate, very dry and moderate warm area and desert steppe area. Dundgovi has warm climate, but most windy province. Clear days in the year are approximately between 100 and 120 and hours of sunshine per year are approximately 3,000 hours. Average temperature is 30°C ~ -35°C.


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