Province highlights & Places to go

Khamar monastery is main destination for domestic tourists all year around.
Another main highlight is Trans-Mongolian tours to and from China, Russia passes travelling right through here.  

Discover Mongolia Dornogobi

About Dornogobi province

 Main town:               Sainshand 
 Territory:                  109500 км² 
 Population:               59500  (2010)
 Distance:                450 km from UB                                 
 Geography & Climate
Established in 1931, Dornogobi is one of three southern provinces in Gobi Desert region with some steppe, so the climate is capricious enough to make an atmospheric phenomena such as strong snowstorm, soil storm, drought, and heavy snow sometimes. Bordering with Sukhbaatar, Gobi Sumber, Umnugobi, Khentii, Dundgobi provinces and Republic of China by South. Road, Railway and other infrastructure are better than other provinces. Zamiin Uud is port town on the border of Mongolia and Republic of China. Most of exporting and importing to and from China happens through here and Trans-Mongolian tours are passes through this port town.        

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