Province highlights & Places to go

Dornod Menen - hundreds of kilometres wide open endless steppe, wild life sanctuary of millions of Gazelle (latin. Procapra gutturosa).
in 1945, Khalkh river war took a place on the border in Dornod province and many memorials still there.
Battlefields of Khalkh river war- some of the places you should visit in Dornod province.

About Dornod province

 Main town:               Choibalsan
 Territory:                   123500км² 
 Population:               73600 (2010) 
 Distance:                 661km from UB                                 
 Geography & Climate
Geologically located to the most eastern and on the vast steppe of Eastern Mongolian Great Plains, Dornod province is one of Mongolian multi ethnic province. The ethnics are Halkh,Buryat, Hamnigan, Uzemchin, Barga all Mongolian. Borders with Khentii to west, Sukhbaatar to the south east Republic of Buryat, Russian Federation, To the south east with Inner Mongolia, Republic of China. The Dornod steppe shows humid and cold weather or dry and cold weather because most of the rainfalls are forced to Khentii Mountain by north and northwest wind. The sunny days per year is 251~260 days, and average annual rainfall is 150~300mm. Average temperature is -15°C-25°C winter time, and 18°C~34°C summer.

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