Province highlights & Places to go

There has many historical sites including the remains of the Bai Balyk town of Uighar State, remains of Chinese town from the X-XI century which is just east of Khar Bukh river, ruins of Tsogt Taij’s mansion and the White palace, Chin Tolgoi ruins, old military base ruins, remains of an ancient Mongolian town which is in Uvgunt and Emgent of Buregkhangai sum and Khugnu Tarni monastery which is considered to be a historical gem. 

About Bulgan province

 Main town:                Bulgan 
 Territory:                  48700 км² 
 Population:              32600  (2010)
 Distance:                336 km from UB                                 
 Geography & Climate
Bulgan is located in the northern region - Orkhon and Selenge river basins bordering to Selenge, Tuv, Uvurkahngai, Arkhangai and Khuvsgul provinces respectively and to the Russia for 160km border line. It is overall a mountainous area.  The province is rich in resource of anthracite and other constructive materials and there was an earthquake in Mogod Sum forming many land splits that show the surface of the area has not been completely formed yet.
Bulgan is abundant of different species of fauna and flora. Also home to many protected wildlife species, such as a moose, elk, bear, roe deer, wild boar, musk deer, lynx, fox, wolf, marmot and birds such as barrede owl, eagle, partridge, grouse, vulture, goose, stork and duck and fish such as taimen, perch, luce, ruff and red eyed fish.



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