Bayan Ulgii

Bayan Ulgii

Bayan ulgii province stands  in first place by the number of national parks in Mongolia.
Most popular tourist attractions in Bayan ulgii are Mountaineering or Hiking in high Altai Mountains, Golden Eagle hunting festival, Khazakh nation's culture, taking part of their everyday nomadic lifestyle and Snow Leopard, Argali sheep, Ibex, Bird watching.

Discover Mongolia Bayan Ulgii

About Bayan Ulgii province

 Main town:                Ulgii 
 Territory:                  47400 км² 
 Population:              100800 (2010) 
 Distance:                1709 km from UB                                 
 Geography & Climate
Bayan ulgii is Mongolian most western province and borders with China and Russia. The neighbouring provinces are Uvs and Khovd. It has a continental climate and high temperature difference between day and night. The annual rainfall is 102.6mm. It is located at a desert region while it has also a variety in temperature and ecosystem.
The temperature range is between 10°C~30°C summer to winter -15°C~-30°C. Mongolian Khazakh nation usually lives in Bayan ulgii province and one of the Mongolian multi ethnic regions. The culture of the Kazakh nation is strongly influenced by Islamic traditions and speakes their own khazakh languages. When you go to Bayan ulgii province, definetely you feel travelling in Khazakhstan. 


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