Bayan Khongor

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There are about 30 lakes and 20 hot and cold spring such as Shargaljuut - is the most famous for its healing properties and various mineral compounds. There are many places with untouched natural beauty for example Bayanlig sum’s white rock crystal cave, Ulziit sum’s Uran Khairkhan, Zag and Baidrag place have 500 to 750 years old ancient human remains. Throughout the region new Stone Age and Bronze Age findings including weapon's tolls, decorative items, deer stone and man shaped stone monuments are plenty.

Discover Mongolia Bayan Khongor

About Bayan Khongor province

 Main town:               Bayankhongor 
 Territory:                   116000км² 
 Population:               85100  (2010)
 Distance:                639 km from UB                                 
 Geography & Climate
The province’s territory is covers Gobi and steppe regions at the south western side of Mongolia that includes the southern edge of Khangai Mountain range, Gobi Altai Mountains and Southern Gobi region of Altai Mountains. The land surface is mixed with mountains and hallows.
The territory consists of 5 regions: high mountain region, Gobi region, forest steppe in the north, steppe in the middle and semi dessert in the south.
Most southern province Bayankhongor has many untouched oasis and those remote places provides best opportunities to watch gobi desert wildlife. 

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