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Arkhangai province is one of the most popular tourist destination - province of Mongolia. Many tourist camps and lodges are open during the tourist season, near or inside the national parks, cultural sites and beautiful remote places. Suitable for all type of tours, internationally and domestically. Specially, travelers for hiking and trekking, camping, fishing, canoeing, swimming, horse and yak riding, off roading etc..     

Discover Mongolia Arkhangai

About Arkhangai province

 Main town:                Tsetserleg 
 Territory:                    55314 км² 
 Population:               97,091 (2010) 
 Distance:                477 km from UB                                 
Geography & Climate
Landlocked and central placed Arkhangai province territory divides into three regions: high mountain, forest steppe and steppe. The average altitude is 2414m above the sea level. Seasonal temperature changes from 30°C to -27.5°C. Daily weather change is common.  Annual rainfall is 350~450mm, and most of them are concentrated from April to July.  
The beautiful northern Khangai Region is full of high mountains, wide canyons, clean lakes, long rivers, colorful flowers, delicious fruits, birds, and wild animals. Travelling on the tour from eastern Mongolia to western, southern to northern Mongolia, all passes trough this province territory. The location brings a lot of advantages for local community based tourism. 


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