MONGOLIA TRAVEL NEWS Why Mongolia must be on your 2018 travel bucket list?


The world is changing, may be the most unique cultures, the purest placec are changing by modernization and civilization. But there are some unique cultures and hidden traditions are still existing and struggling to keep world's heritages and historical sites in some remote places on earth.  After few years, Mongolia might be affected by this transition, who knows. So you should visit MONGOLIA before everyone add this country to their bucket list. 
Here are some reasons why people love to travel to Mongolia. 

1. Scenic Landscape

Mongolia Gobi Desert tour


Mongolia has a huge territory, also one of the most sparsely countries in the world. The country locates in the central Asian plateau and the landscapes are diverse. Mystical Gobi desert, the fourth largest desert in the world, locates in the southern region of Mongolia. Most travelers say that “Mongolian Gobi seems like we are entering to the end of the world”. This is true, you can feel like this while you are on the tour to Mongolian exotic Gobi. 
The view of the northern Mongolia is so exciting also known as “Mongolian Switzerland, most of the territory is covered by thick forests, peaceful meadows, crystal clear rivers and lakes. 




Altai Mountains Mongolia

The west of Mongolia, generally the high land, home to ragged mountains, snowcapped peaks, scenic lakes and glaciers. 
In the eastern Mongolia, rolling steppes, horses, grasses, wildlife and the world’s one of the most important place for the ecological system. 
As central part of Mongolia, the popular travel destination, attracts traveler for its rich historical and cultural heritage sites some of them are listed on INESCO’s Word Heritage Sites. The terrain consists of steppes, mountains, forests and semi deserts. 


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2. Nomadic Cultural heritages

Nomadic culture of Mongolia


Nomadic Culture


As I noted before, globalization is rapidly effecting the uniqueness of the human cultures. But Mongolian nomadic culture and heritage are still living among the local nomads. Thanks for their ancestors and their descendants for keeping and bringing their traditions to this modern world. Their life, their customs, traditions and all staffs of Mongolian nomads are related deeply to the nature earth, you will be get inspired when you spend a few days with them. 


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3. Not too touristy country

Mongolia beautiful landscape


Tourism is absolutely new industry in this country, Mongolia opened its door to the western world just about twenty years ago. After that Mongolia has started to attract international travelers, explorers and photographers. For being just two decades of tourist destination means that Mongolia has lots of hidden gems to explore and it is not over crowded by tourists yet. 

4. Wildlife and Nature

Mongolia Wild life


Mongolia takes up an important place for its nature and ecology in the world. About 90 percent of this landlocked country is covered by deserts or pastures with extreme climatic conditions; this desert area is the largest temperate grassland habitat. Fauna reported in the wild consists of 139 mammal species, 448 species of birds (including 331 migratory and 119 resident birds), 76 species of fish, 22 reptile species, and six species of amphibians. Grass land and scrubland covers 55 percent of the country, forest covers only 6 percent in the steppe zone, 36 percent is covered by desert vegetation, and only 1 percent is used for human habitation and agricultural purposes, such as growing crops. The floral vegetation in the Eastern Steppe temperate consists of grassland (the largest of its type in the world)


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5. Land of great history

Chinggis khan Statue


Mongolia history


Known as the land of Chinggis Khaan, also contains prehistoric sites to the soviet period remaining. Mongolia is a paradise for the historians, archeologists and explorers. It is great opportunity to visit those rare and important places when you take a trip through Mongolia. 


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6. Feel real freedom 

feel real freedom


Enjoying your journey and wandering through Mongolia with the great freedom is one of the must do things in your life. No internet access, no strong plan, no overcrowd, the country of great hospitality and magnificent nature can treat you  and to let your stress out and then you will feel real freedom and may find yourself in this immense land.


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7. Horse Culture 

Mongolia Horse riding


Mongolian horse's saddle


Mongolians have long and deep tradition or culture which relates to the horses. From the         time of horse domestication to the 21st century, horses enriched the quality of life of the people on the Eurasian steppe, especially Mongol nomads that is proved by archaeological findings in Mongolia. Mongolian horses are strong, fast and flexible and well known as good companion of the Mongol warriors during the Chinggis Khan’s conquests in 13th century. Horses are worshipped and respected by steppe nomads as its spiritual power. It can be easily seen in today’s Mongolia, there are countless examples that related to the horses. From state emblem symbol to simple nomadic lifestyle, from legends to modern songs and from horse racing to riding tours.


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8. Different type of festivities 

Naadam Festival Mongolia




There are more than 50 popular events and festivals happening across Mongolia, annually. Enjoying or attending in Mongolian festivals can be uncommon cultural discovery. From thrilling sports to unique hunting traditions, legendary horse race to Gobi camel polo, religious rituals to modern performances and much more…I I would like to specialize Naadam Festival, because this colorful, historical and exciting event is the world class festival and contains Mongolian culture, history and sports in itself. You really should not miss Mongolian Naadam Festival if you visit Mongolia in summer time. Please check out the following topics about Naadam to get more information.


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9. Authentic adventurous opportunity 

Mongolia adventure Tours


Mongolia adventure tour


Explore Mongolia on foot and horseback, by camels, and in four- wheel drive vehicles on this active trip through unforgettable steppe, desert and mountain scenery. Adventure in Mongolia is designed for explorers who want to travel off the beaten path through the pine forested mountains and meadows of the Central Mongolia and across the dramatic landscapes of the Gobi desert.  
A true adventure, this journey includes the Orkhon valley, the cradle of Mongolian civilization, where Erdene Zuu Monastery was erected from the legendary city Kharkhorin; the hot springs and summer ger camps of Mongolia’s nomadic herders; and the towering sand dunes and red sandstone cliffs of the Gobi.


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10. The most attractive and photogenic country 





Mongolia Nomadic Life


Photographers always look for the newest, weirdest, remotest, and uncommon objects to capture. Whether you are a beginner or professional photographer Mongolia would attract you for its stunning nature, nomadic culture, rare wildlife, colorful festivals and ethnic peoples. Also Mongolia is famous for its eternal blue sky, there are 275 sunny days a year, so it is a great chance for photographers take magnificent images. For landscape, nature and portrait photography, Mongolia is one of the most diverse countries in the world. In Mongolia you can photograph desert wilderness, majestic mountain peaks, peaceful forest and picturesque lakes, hundreds of sheep, horses on green steppe, authentic nomads’ life and Mongolian ethnic people

The view of landscapes and its colors are changing so you can see the diverse places through your lens while on the same trip. 


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