Where To Go On Holiday In August?

August is all about beautiful nature, peaceful country life, outdoor adventures, good temperature and the perfect time to enjoy and visit Mongolia.

To help you plan for Mongolian August Holiday we offer our recommend destinations and experiences as well as Gobi desert, ragged mountains, endless steppes and nature and culture based adventures. Also we include travel tips and other important information to this article for helping your holiday plan in Mongolia. 


What to see and do in August in Mongolia

Mongolia is a large country and offers various kinds of adventures for travelers as well as culture-based activities; horse, camel, yak, reindeer riding experiences and local family visiting to get the deep knowledge of the authentic nomadic culture. Mongolia is a country of great history, not only known as Chinggis Khaan’s Mongol in the world, but also a home to prehistoric sites and ancient tribal imprints including famous dinosaur fossils to Buddhist monasteries. About the outdoors; Mongolia is the best place for adventure seekers and active travelers. You can cycle and driving through the rolling steppes, forested mountains and mysterious Gobi desert, paddling and fishing in crystal rivers, hiking, trekking on rugged mountains camping under the millions of stars in the remote wilderness. Also Mongolia is the best place for special interest travelers and the activities are; bird, butterfly and wildflower watching, photographing and fishing. So you can do all of these activities in the same place in August. And we suggest you  The Ten Things To Do in Mongolia check it out. 

what to do in august in mongolia

Horseback Riding Adventure in Mongolia in August 

janraisag statue mongolia

Giant Buddha Statue in Gandan Monastery, Mongolia 

things to do in mongolia august

Travel to Northern Taiga wilderness and visiting Reindeer herding family 

what to do in  mongolia

August is the perfect time for wild camping in Mongolia 


Events and festivals in August in Mongolia

There are some thrilling festivals, events and small culture-based Naadam games are taking place in August throughout this beautiful nomads’ territory. If you visit Mongolia in August you will enjoy and attend some of the events & festivals which you want. The highlight of August festivals is Dansghig Naadam which is Buddhist religious masked dance, held annually in August in Ulaanbaatar. This uncommon event gives you best photographing opportunity and knowledge of Buddhist rituals. 

mongolia religious festival

Danshig Naadam religious festival had been re-celebrated since 2015


Travel Tips and advice for Mongolia Holiday 

Once you decided to travel to Mongolia you may need travel information. And we are sharing with you some tips and tricks for visiting Mongolia. So here are some things to know before you go to Mongolia

travel tips mongolia

How to get to Mongolia

Flights to Mongolia: The principal ways to Mongolia are by train and by air. Flights run all year around by National and other international carriers. MIAT Mongolia Airlines to Europe: Berlin via Moscow, as well as to Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Istanbul and Irkutsk/Russia/. Some additional flights scheduled to Osaka, Nagoya during summer time. Foreign airlines such as Aeroflot, Air China, Korean Air, and Turkish Airlines are operation flights connection Ulaanbaatar with Moscow, Beijing, Seoul and Istanbul.

how to get to mongolia

Train to Mongolia: One of the most exciting railroads in the world- the Trans-Siberian Railway runs from Moscow to Vladivostok. There are several branches on the line, one which goes through Mongolia. The Trans-Mongolian Railway is connected to the Trans-Siberian by a branch line from Ulan-Ude, providing a link between the Trans-Siberian and the Chinese railway system.

More about:  Getting to Mongolia 


Mongolian Visa

Generally, everyone entering into Mongolian territory, must have a visa.
However, because of bilateral agreements made with some countries, this is not always the case.
All types of visas can be obtained from the Visa and Passport Division of the Ministry of External Relations, in Ulaanbaatar, and also Mongolian Embassies, Consulates, Honorary Consulates, Trade and Permanent Missions abroad.

Here is the List of Mongolian embassies abroad


Weather and climate in Mongolia  

mongolia weather info

Mongolia is not coldest and remotest part of the world. Though winter lasts from November to March. -30 Celsius real cold lasts only one month, from mid-December to January. The rest of the winter temperature fluctuates around -10-14 Celsius.  It should be noted that snow blizzard and dust storms often occur in spring making this period from snow melting in the late March to first grass in the late May the least comfortable. Summer from mid-May to mid-September is usually warm with an average temperature of +18 to +26 Celsius. There are short rains in July and late August.

See detailed information about weather in Mongolia. 


Money and currency of Mongolia

Mongolian currency is Mongolian Tugrik. The exchange rate has been comparatively stable during last few years ranging between 1900-2500 Mongolian tugriks against 1USD. Euro rate averages 1.4-1.5 of USD rate. Make sure to change money at banks and exchange offices in Ulaanbaatar and in main cities. Damaged and older notes before 1995 may not be accepted. Credit cards are accepted in larger shops and supermarkets in the main cities and villages.


Health and medical information

There is SOS Medica Mongolia UB International Clinic in Mongolia. If you need more information about an emergency in Mongolia click here.

You should be up to date on routine vaccinations while traveling to any destination. Some vaccines may also be required for travel. These vaccines include measles-mumps-rubella/MMR/ vaccine, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine, varicella/chickenpox/ vaccine, polio vaccine, and your yearly flu shot. See more about vaccination here. 


What to pack to Mongolia

what to pack mongolia

What to take is dependent on your tour program, duration of stay, activities you undertake and accommodation you will stay.

Here is the packing advice on our blog news What to Pack for a Trip to Mongolia


Where to stay in Mongolia

During your trip in Mongolia you can stay in a tourist ger camp, local family stay and wild camp in the countryside and remote parts of Mongolia. Generally, your trip starts from Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia and sure you will stay in hotels or guest houses in the city. Here you can get the detailed and true information of accommodation in Mongolia which one of our customers shared us her experience in tourist ger camp and other accommodation.

Check out here: Where to Stay in Mongolia

where to stay in mongolia

What to eat in Mongolia

When you are in the capital city, you can find your favorite meals in every restaurants, lounges, cafe and even in supermarkets. But, you should try to eat Mongolian dishes, of course, you are in Mongolia. There are many kinds of traditional dishes such as Khorkhog, Buuz, Khuushuur, Tsuiwan etc. The ingredients are very simple, mutton, beef, flour and vegetables. In last years, Korean, Chinese and Japanese dishes become more common in Ulaanbaatar.

Are there any vegan and gluten-free foods in Mongolia? -Yes

Gluten-free foods are sold in some big supermarkets and eco shops in the city. Kinds of gluten-free tea, gluten-free rice, cereal, and fresh vegetables and fruits are in those shops. It is just OK if you tell us in advance about your special meals as if you are vegan or with food allergy and gluten-free. We could arrange your wishes already when you arrive in Mongolia.

mongolia travel foods

You will enjoy the different meals when you out of the city while traveling. More common dishes are Tsuiwan, Buuz, Khuushuur, and Russian Goulash, Beefsteak and Italian cuisine Spaghetti would be served in tourist ger camps. Also, there is a chance to try Mongolian Traditional food and dairy products in the countryside. Many types of dairy products are made especially by the wife of nomad family. It is available to see the process of making dried curds/aaruul/, cheese, boiled yogurt etc. Mongolian wife welcomes you at her nomad ger and offers you milk tea, yougurt or airag /fermented mare milk/ etc.

Want to know more about Mongolian dishes please click the link: Mongolian food and drinks


Transportation and road condition in Mongolia

mongolia travel roads

Mongolia is large and one of the least densely populated countries in the world so the road condition in the countryside is not so good and most of the road is unpaved. When you take a city tour and go out to the nearest places of the city, bus and minibusses are usually used. The transportation; as well as Jeeps, 4x4 Korean and Japanese minivans and Russian vans are more comfortable and useful on the country road. Local tour agencies arrange your trip in Mongolia by many types of “Iron” made machines and by “Live” animal horse, camel, yak, and reindeer. Horse and camel riding activities would be left a beautiful memory in your life.


Tours we suggest in Mongolia

We are one of the leading and experienced tour operators in Mongolia and arrange all types of tours throughout our country. Please check out our tours we arrange in Mongolia.

Thank you and Good luck! 





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