My Travel Diary-Beyond the Imagination in Southern Mongolia

I have never known that there is such high mountain existed in Gobi region and never imagined I would make several hiking trails there. Not just goal for hiking destination, I have reached its both South and North peaks and eye-witnessed three different seasonal attractions of winter, summer and spring.

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This is called Ikh Bogd ‘Great Saint’ Mountain located in Bogd soum, Bayankhongor province, with an elevation of 3,957 metres (12,982 ft) and around 750km far from Ulaanbaatar. Its spectacular views of green moss, colorful flowers and mountain streams and scenic formations after earthquake looks alike Khangai region Mountains, even its Gobi’s.

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After an earthquake of a magnitude 11,5 in 1957, Oyu and Nomin lakes were consequently created  by which enormous slabs of peak rock underlie and blocked the valley.  

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For about my climbing, total around 22 km for both sides, reaching and dropping 2000m high altitude within short time, 55-60 degree slope in its most and climbing at Ikh Bogd Mountain  is considered as one of hardest trails for climbers.

Now what I'm going to share about with you today is my 3 times of climbing trails at Ikh Bogd Mountain and how I have felt, challenged and seen over there.

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Photo during my second Trails, March 1-3, 2018

On May, 2016 me and Khairkhan hiking club few members lead by Enkhbat, set out to hike for the first time, searching for new and more-easy path, but we couldn’t make it to the end. Next year, in April 21, 2017, I united with 10 members of group and set out on the hike in hopes.

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After missing our roads, we landed Ulaatain pass which is the end of deep cliffs covered with high hogbacks, north-side of Ikh Bogd Mountain. Chilly and a bit cold winds pick up on, spring quick sun down and we started camping, dining, and preparing our hikes at night. We were shortly instructed because we were the first timers except our team leader and got some rests due to start our trails at 3 am. A long waited trail started. What I had felt and seen first was that magnificent two hills behind the cliffs, shining stars, sound of streams pouring down from hills.

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We hiked through big rock terrains alongside the streams, had short rest aside big rock cliff and moved again. I had named that region ‘’Sea of Rock’’, because there were plenty of boulder stones which seems like no ends and the only way through them was to keep walking.


 My Third Trails, Aug 16-19, 2018

mongolia overland tours Are you wondering that why I hike up and back down again the same trail?

Because, local people says to me that summer in the Mount is unbelievably beautiful, especially in Oyu and Nomin Lakes and Mongolian rare flower Vansemberuu /Saussurea dorogostaiskii Palib/ is filled over there.

This is the reason why I am aiming to Ikh Bogd Mountain again to eyewitness the beauty of summer nature.


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This time, 5 members from our club started the trail, we visited local family where we had been before and 4 local people joined with us to climb to the southern top of the Ikh Bogd Mountain where Vansemberuu is said to be filled.

The second and south top of the mountain is situated on 3852meters above sea level and it is 100 meter lower that the top we climbed in winter. I thought that this time trail would be quite simply than others, would have chances to take some photos and hanging around Oyu and Nomin lakes.

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Spectacular green view of Oyu lake and green cliffs

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We enjoyed and photographed amazing nature views as green colored mountain cliffs, turquoise Oyu Lake and sky-blue Nomin Lake. Even though, the scrambling to the summit was not easy as I thought, overcoming some challenges as pulling rocks, quite steepen rock cliffs and we successfully reached it at noon. What I was looking for was the flower and I couldn’t see any while climbing.

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But at the summit, I had spot Vansemberuu which was very soft as like written in songs. I was so happy regardless of it had slightly turned yellow and dried up.  Another amazing thing was that seeing the path we had used in winter from another peak and felt proud of myself who made that quite difficult trail.

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The biggest lessons I took away from the trail and into my life.

After scrambling for 3 times in Ikh Bogd Mountain, challenging, failing and achieving my ultimate goal taught me a lot and gave me good training of endurance and patience, gaining another wonderful experience of mountain climbing and making many of good friends, totally it was never forgotten trails for my life.  

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If you are on planning to travel Mongolia, just imagine that you are no idea about the place, go to there, feel by yourself and get real and only memories and feelings about that place. And what impressed is that you can draw those moments and seal it to your heart and have wonderful opportunities to share your precious photos to others.


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