Why Mongolia is an Adventurous Destination?


Why Mongolia is an Adventure Travel Destination?

Mongolia is landlocked country about 6 times bigger than United Kingdom and also same size as Alaska. There are only 3 million people in the entirety of the country which means that’s plenty of space to explore this remote and amazing landscape. People’s sense of exploration is always growing and looking for adventures of unpredicted and un-experienced things, unchanged culture, people and nature and so on. These are simple reasons why Mongolia is connected with word –Adventurous.
You do not want to spend every day doing what others do, you want to step out of your comfort zone and do not be part of the beaten path. And you are pretty sure you want to stay in contact with nature. That’s good for you traveler. You can have it all in Mongolia.
There are many adventurous experiences and activities in Mongolia. In this article we suggest some inspiration of adventurous activities in Mongolia.

Horseback Riding in Mongolia

Mongolians have been spent their lives on horseback, herding, hunting and combating in war from ancient times. The secret power of famed Chinggis Khan’s empire was Mongolian horse which can travel great distances covering  90 to 160km /60 to 100/ miles in a day. 

You can feel and experience true Mongolian nomadic lifestyle on horseback, see natural and historical stunning viewpoints, stop and camp when and where you want. You can switch riding from one to another horse and traverse in mountains, valleys, and steppes on horseback, especially in legendary Orkhon valley. The horse trekking on your Mongolia tour will be a great challenge and experience beyond your expectation and imagination. Please visit here for more about Horse Riding in Mongolia. 

Camel Riding Tour in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia

Camel trekking in Mongolian Gobi is another adventurous activity you can experience while on your Mongolia trip. The Mongolian Gobi is the 2nd biggest desert in Asia and the 5th largest in the world and also famous for skeleton and footprints of prehistoric dinosaurs and their petrified eggs. Also, Mongolia is one of the few countries conserving Bactrian camels. Camel riding in Mongolia will be unforgettable, quite uncommon, exciting life time experience.

Mongolia Hiking and Climbing Adventure

Mongolia offers excellent hiking and climbing opportunities, you just choose your location which best suits you. Altai Tavan Bogd Mountain is the highest mountain in the country, the highest peak is Khuiten Peak, 4.374m. Climbing and trekking on foot in the area of Altai Tavan Bogd NP is also an outstanding experience. You can also take a hiking trip in Khovsgol NP, Khuisiin Naiman Nuur / Eight Lakes/ and in Arkhangai province.
If you are novice trekker-you may think it seems crazy trekking on foot, but for your adventurous spirit and your love for outdoors will lead to hiking in Mongolia.

Sand Dune Surfing in Southern Mongolia

Sand dune surfing is best for adrenaline junkies and especially for those looking for Mongolian adventure. So, if you’ve done with walking, camel riding and sightseeing, you should stick sand surfing on your to-do list and enjoy a thrilling experience racing down the dunes, whizzing around in a sand buggy and taking in the mesmerizing views from across the tallest slopes in the Gobi desert of Mongolia. The best sand dune boarding locations are Khongor sand dune in the southern region of Mongolia. Khongor sand dune, also called Khogoriin Els is the tallest sand dune in Mongolia and similar to dunes of Egypt and extends to over 965 square kilometers (373 sq mi) area.

Sleeping under the Countless Stars in Mongolia

Mongolia is the best place for sky and star viewing. While you’re traveling in Mongolia you can see the countless stars and Milky Way especially while on outdoor camping and sleeping in the Ger /Yurt/. 
For the photographers, Mongolia is the paradise for night sky photos shooting. Especially in the Gobi, the sky, stars, and the moon can be seen so close to us. Moreover, do not forget about the campfire at night and delicious, easy food to cook on the open fire. Collecting dried wood and branches and even dried cow dung for fires. Music and storytelling will be also part of these adventures.

Mongolia Fishing Adventures

Fishing in Mongolia is the adventure for having fun, experiencing and requiring ability in wild nature. There are plenty of rivers and lakes throughout the country and the rivers contain numbers of rare species of fishes including Taimen, the king of the clear water, Lenok, Amur trout, Mongolia grayling and Amur pike.
While in taking your fishing trip in Mongolia, you can have enough possibilities to catch and release and fly-fishing. If you want to challenge yourself to catch monster Taimen, you should contact local tour organizer and they will guide you to the right rivers. Fishing season in Mongolia legally opens on June 15th and closes November 1st. August to October is generally considered to be Mongolia’s prime fishing season and fishes are feeding like crazy. Mongolian wild rivers and fish-rich lakes await you from August to October. 

Biking and Motorcycling through Mongolia

Biking and Motorcycling across Mongolia is another adventurous way to experience this vast and wild landscape. You should be accompanied by expert guides, bike mechanics, drivers and cooks equipped with outdoor equipment that is made for the type of adventure and suit for the wild conditions of the country. This may be thinking of not fulfilling a dream but it would ensure your best enjoyment.
During the last years, numbers of adventure seekers fulfilled their dreams through cycling in Mongolian wilder roads and adopted their bodies in the condition of multi-stage endurance.

Rafting Adventures in Mongolia

Rafting is one of the fun adventures of water sports opportunities in Mongolia. You have various choices such as River Tuul, Orkhon, Chuluut, and Kherlen. During the high water season, the rivers may certainly become *advanced* or even *extreme*. To catch optimal water levels, you should carefully plan your schedule and choose your destinations which suits your fancy. Relaxing in nature and swimming in rivers under the blue sky and kayaking and boating will be your adventure rafting tour in Mongolia.

Mongolia Winter Adventure - Dog Sledding 

If you travel Mongolia in winter, you will have a thrilling adventure of dog sledding. Marco Polo, probably the most famous Westerner who traveled on the Silk Road. On his travel diary, there is a note that he was using dog sleds through Central Asia in the 13th century. 
This thrilling adventure still exists in Mongolia, especially during winter festivals you will have opportunities to ride dog sledding and also horse sledding throughout the country. To the northeast of the city, along the Terelj River, dog sledding trips are available and the dogs are mostly Siberian huskies. You will slide on the snowy Mongolian land with its frozen rivers and lakes at the back of a sled pulled by dogs.

Unchanged Nomadic Culture of the Mongols

Mongolians have lived as nomads for thousands of years and it is still existing in every corner of the country. Experiencing and seeing this unique culture is an exciting adventure which can be found only in Mongolia.
Mongolian nomadic families still migrate with their herds across the vast steppes of their territory, the world’s most sparsely populated country after Greenland. Mongolian nomadic lifestyle, tradition, and heritage will be a brand new experience of culture which you haven’t seen until now and it let you show that the different world is co-existing with you. Visiting a local herder family is the perfect way to figure out the unchanged culture of the Mongols and experience their traditional lifestyle with them firsthand. 

Photo Safari in Mongolia 

Taking action and photo adventure is the best way to explore and capture Mongolia through your lens. Shooting great photos in Mongolia requires balancing photography with participation, and combining solid camera technique with a keen observation of unfolding events. 
On your photo tour in Mongolia, you have enough opportunities to capture stunning pictures of nature, culture and historical sites, nomadic herder people and its tradition. Your reward will be powerful photos that clearly illustrate the story of your adventures.

Photographers, who are interested in capturing nature, you will able to catch beautiful and rare birds, wild and endangered animals such as snow leopard, wild sheep, Siberian musk deer and more. Moreover, you can observe and take photos of unique pre-historic sites such as amazing caves, rock carvings and even unimaginable findings only can be found in Mongolia. Adventure photo safari in Mongolia leads to go Taiga wilderness in northern regions and allow you to experience its mysterious and beauty through your lens.

These thrilling adventures are “Your Choice” to visit this wonderful land and let its people and scenery will steal your heart.



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