Latest Travel News Mongolia | Spring Golden Eagle Festival 2019 was held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

As Mongolia is one of the few remaining countries which has been keeping ancient eagle hunting tradition in its authentic way, The Golden Eagle Festival is organized two times a year officially in March in the capital city of Mongolia and in October in the Western region of the country. At AYAN TRAVEL, we also organizes winter festivals tour and day photo tour to this festival.

spring eagle festival mongolia

Eagle hunters from west Mongolia and Event Organizers 


“The Spring Golden Eagle festival-2019” was held successfully in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city on 3-4 March. The highlights of the festival was eagle hunting show, Kazakh fork performance and Mongolian falconry shows. Spring golden eagle festival allows to visitors to see mountain and steppe raptors’ hunting traditions and methods in the same place and time.

Mongol Horseback Archery and horse show allows us to imagine the Mongol warriors during the Chinggis Khan’s conquests in 13th century.

eagle festival 2019 at ayan travel

Mongol Cavalry Horses and Horseback Archery


There are also some fun activities held around the event, such as Mongol and Kazakh culture shows and heritage promoting activities, traditional hand craft trading fairs, kids’ art corners and must try foods and much more to things to do.

eagle hunting tradition in Mongolia


There are 20 eagle hunters came from western Mongolia to attend spring eagle festival with their trained eagles. Most of the attendees are experienced eagle hunters, some of them are champions of previous Eagle festivals aged between 21 and 78 year olds.

eagle festival hunters in mongolia ayan travel photo tour

competition at eagle festival

Traditional Kazakh Game - Tug of war on horseback with goat skin by young Kazakh men, measuring their skills of horsemanship and strength.


eagle calling competition at golden eagel festival mongolia

Eagle Calling - Eagles listen to his master's calling and come down from the mountain to land on  arm of his master. Showing how eagle and man be loyal partners. 


This year, the oldest eagle hunter Tabysbek. A, 78, won Spring Golden Eagle Festival 2019. He has been training eagles for 60 years from his eighteens and his winner Eagle is one year old Balapan.


At Ayan Travel, as adventure and photography guide to Mongolia, we arranged “Day Photo Tour to the Golden Eagle Festival” lead by professional Photographer, active traveler Batzaya Choijiljav.

Enjoy his newest photographs of The Spring Golden Eagle Festival 2019 and plan your next year’s photo tour to Mongolia with us!

the golden eagle mongolia

egal festival ulaanbaatar at ayantravel photo tour

eagle prey at golden eagle festival mongolia ayan travel photo tour


Are interested in taking photos of Golden Eagle Festival and need more professional photography tour advice or want to join our small group photographic tours and workshops? Feel free to contact us today and get more detailed travel tips! 

You can take a Mongolia Photographic Expedition to the main Golden Eagle Festival - 2019 in west Mongolia with us.



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