MONGOLIA TRAVEL NEWS Is it possible to travel to Mongolia in November?


Is it possible to travel to Mongolia in November? 


Many of travelers and adventure seekers need to know Mongolia in November for planning their trips. They asked: How's the weather like in November in Mongolia? Is it extremely cold? Are there any attractions which are closed or impossible during this period? Will it be possible to visit the Gobi, ride camels etc…in November? 
If you are a photographer and looking for a unique and new place to capture, please look through this article until the end. Here we include some information about “What to shoot, where and why you should photograph Mongolia in November?” 


So that‘s why we show you Mongolia’s November views and travel attractions for this time. November is not the coldest period in Mongolia, weather condition and natural views have its own beauty and specialty. The average November temperature is from -18°C to -3°C and it may bit vary depends on the region. So it is the best time to experience Mongolian winter and to capture winter sceneries in the milder weather condition.  All the country is covered by snow, horses and camels are also covered by the thicker hair to be prepared to the long and cold winter. Also November is the time that nomads move to their “winter site” where they spend harsh winter. Their winter lifestyle, their kids and other cultural attractions are available to explore in November in Mongolia. 


November tour in Mongolia


Mongolia, the country of extremes, for its winter temperatures, adventurous attractions and vast steppes. Diverse landscapes of Mongolia can be seen gorgeously different, in each season, such as the northern part of of the country covered by woods, but the southern region is desert area, eastern Mongolia is generally wide steppes and the west of the country is totally highest and the mountainous region. 

Here we specialized Mongolian Gobi, Lake Khovsgol and central Mongolia as three main regions that could attract travelers and adventurers in November.


Winter in Gobi desertwinter time in MongoliaNovember in Mongolia



1. Gobi Desert of Mongolia –South of the country 

Mongolian Gobi, one of the most unique travel destinations in the world, known as its natural, paleontological and cultural wonders. In November, you will enjoy winter scenery of the desert, opportunity to photograph this uncommon view of the nature, visit local camel breeders and spend your time with them to experience their winter lifestyle and you can help their daily works and why not try Mongolian traditional meals, drinks and have friendly talk with them. For the outdoor activates, you can hike on dinosaur fossil sites, camel ride on the snowy sand dunes. It sounds crazy. Isn’t it? 
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Mongolia gobi desert tour in November



2. Lake Khovsgol-Northern Mongolia 

Are you bored with typical activities and tired of too touristic area? And looking for something unique trips to add on your 2018 bucket list? Then Mongolia, and especially the northern Mongolia can offer various types of adventures in November. You have an opportunity to see and capture rare view of Lake Khovsgol before it freeze. And then jump on the wild road to the Taiga Mountains of Mongolia to meet one of the fewest nations who are still living in primitive way of life – The Tsaatans, Reindeer herders of Mongolia. You may find yourself where you truly belong, while spending few days with them. Also you may feel like that you are the time traveler. For the portrait and travel photographer Mongolian Mystical reindeer herders and Taiga wilderness are the perfect place to shoot. Experience our ancestors’ primitive life in 21th century in Mongolian Taiga with us! 
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November in Mongolia Khovsgol province



3. Eight Lakes /Khuisiin Naiman Nuur/ and Hustai NP- Central Mongolia 

For the travelers who prefer shorter trips or may have little time to travel in Mongolia, the central region is the right destination. Whether you are come to Mongolia via Trans-Siberian stopovers or you are already in Mongolia and looking to the exciting short trip, then you are in the right place. We help and organize your November trip in central Mongolia. 


November in Mongolia, Kharkhorin city


So now let’s take a look what central Mongolia offers in November for you. The most popular tour destination, giving a chance to discover Mongolian historical sights and cultural heritages and stunning wildlife without spending too much times. You can broaden your historical knowledge explore to the site of ancient capital city of Mongol Empire, visiting centuries old Buddhist monastery and other historical attractions. Visiting local nomad family is a must do thing and horseback riding is sure to be included in your vacation. For the active travelers, adventure seekers and horseback riders, central Mongolia can also offers some of wilderness adventures at the Eight Lakes /Huisiin Naiman Nuur called in Mongolian. Below you can see the images of this adventure. And more for more click here

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Khustai national park and Takhi horses


As I said before, you can visit Hustai National Park to see the wild horses, known as Prezewalski’s horse, Takhi in Mongolian language. They are roaming and grazing freely in the NP. If you are a photographer or a nature lover this is one of the must see places near Ulaanbaatar city, takes only one and a half hour to reach them. 
See more about Hustai National park please visit here.

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