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Mongolia is paradise of hiking, trekking and adventure travel, offering from beginners to pros (moderate hiking to climbing), from Gobi Sand Dunes to wide steppe landscape or impressive Altai Mountain region above 4000 meters and through beautiful boreal forest- taiga in the north. 


Gobi desert Mongolia

Depending on the season, you will choose the destination between vast steppe valleys covered with different colors of flowers or extreme trekking in the mountains and along the lakes. It is not only for adventure and nature who are deeply connected lovers, but also for those who likes culture and loves to communicate with local people, with mother-nature. Mongolians has been herding livestock and living as a nomadic way of life for thousands of years. 

On Foot or On Horseback?
Many of tourists who have experience of horse riding come here and connect with local tour operator company to rent horse with local instructor and guide interpreter. And some of them who like walking choose hiking, but we would like to inform you that you have option to take a hike combining with horse or camel trekking when you’re tired. Or if you have lot of weigh to carry, you can rent a horse, camel or yak for pack to take a bit of load off. 


Mongolia hiking and trekking tour

Imagine that you’re on the middle of nowhere, no internet and cell phone connection, only you and your local team travelling close to magnificent untouched landscape with wild animals. This is true adventure that you feel once in your life that is safe and enjoyable. 


Mongolia hiking trips

Weather in Mongolia is unpredictable. You will see and feel four seasons in the same day. In the morning and evening is cold like winter and in the afternoon it is hot and sunny like summer. Preparation is always most important thing of travel. 


Mongolia Gobi Desert hiking tour


Terelj national park Hiking tours


What to prepare
First you need to plan your hiking route with the help of local experts. They are always ready to assist and suggest you the best time and destination for hiking and trekking also reliable local team. Small gift for nomadic family and kids will be necessary. 
Map, GPS, sun cream with high UV protection, mosquito spray, hat, good water resistance hiking boots and rain coat are must be in your rucksack. And don’t forget your camera to capture your memorable trip. Please see the packing list information on the following link. WHAT TO PACK FOR A TRIP TO MONGOLIA


Camping and hiking in Mongolia

Check your packing list
    Tent
    A good warm & light Sleeping bag
    Mattress
    Camping cooking utensils
    Lighter or match
    Knife or multi tools
    Compass
    Map
    Head lamps/ Tent lights
    Candles
    Waterproof document keeper wallet
    Water resistance, light hiking boots (2 boots)
    Jumper
    Raincoat
    Mosquito or bug spray
    Sun cream
    Water & wind resistance trousers
    Wet tissues
    Camera etc….
    Mongolian garment- Deel

Best places to go hiking and trekking in Mongolia
For short-term trip in central Mongolia is easy to get and tour price will be cheaper comparing to further distances. We suggest you to go trekking to treasure of central part of Mongolia-a beautiful Khuisiin Naiman Nuur, known as Eight Lakes and picturesque Suvarga Khairkhan Mountain tours. 


Khuisiin naiman nuur hiking tour Mongolia

Khuisiin Naiman nuur with its exceptional configuration is surrounded by the beautiful nature of the middle part of the Khangai Mountain. These lakes with fresh water and interconnected by ground water channels such as Shireet, Khaliut, Bugat, Khaya, Khuis, Onon, Doroo, Bayan-Uul are called Khuisiin Naiman Nuur. It is very remote place, only horse, yak cart will travel through the valley and no vehicles are available go to enter from the lake Khuis into depth of valley. 5- 7 days trekking is more convenient and don’t miss the remarkable tour.  
Here is the tour we suggest:  A True Nomadic Adventure Tour - 12 days


Orkhon Valley hiking tour

Suvarga Khairkhan Mountain trekking is a very convenient itinerary for easy trekkers, which takes place in the heart of Mongolia in Arkhangai province, a symbol of Mongolian identity with its peaceful green meadows, rolling hills and valleys dotted with wild flowers.  Because the area presents most appreciable environment for animal husbandry, you’ll have opportunity to meet nomads and be invited to their families. Parallel, some few days of the tour will be spent in the complete isolation of the human living, in the beautiful Suvarga Khairkhan Mountain. During the trek we will occasionally have a visit to the interesting museums and historical sites of Orkhon valley including Kharkhorin and Erdene Zuu Monastery, which are the important part of Mongolian history and magnificent Orkhon waterfall, freshwater rivers, and lovely sandy area.  
Trekking through Orkhon Valley & Suvarga Khairkhan mountain tour - 14 days

Trekking in spectacular Altai Mountains
Stunning Western Mongolia is the best place for hiking in Mongolia, if you have plenty of time for travelling 2-3 weeks. Most of people, who travelled in this part can say that this Altain Mountains are a wonderland for hikers. It describes a great route up from Khoton Khurgan Lake and up to Khuiten Peak, the top point of Mongolia with couple of glaciers.


Khoton Khurgan lake hiking tour Mongolia


On this way long we will constantly visit local families of Kazakh, Tuva and Khoton minority groups to make short breaks while exploring their lifestyle and customs as well as exchanging our friendly talks with them. That’s the great opportunity to know culture and tradition of different groups and feel the authentic freedom here. Even you’re not climber, the second highest peak Malchin will be guided as local mountain guides. 
For those who want to climb Khuiten Peak, you don’t need to be overly experienced but you will both good mountaineering gear and experienced mountain guide.
Adventures in Altai Tavan Bogd Mountains tour - 14 days


Close from Ulaanbaatar - capital city of Mongolia
We recommend you to go hiking in the Terelj National Park and Bogd Khaan Mountain. Terelj NP is thickly wooded and rocky mountainous range. Day walks are easy, but be careful of rocky and slippery road condition. Also, just beyond the Zaisan Memorial Hill it is located Bogd Khaan Strictly protected area. It has moderate hiking for one to 2 hours and you can keep heading from/ to Tsetsee Gun Peak, top point of Bogd Khaan Mountain, 2256 m above sea level about 18-19 km for extreme hikers. To the Tsetsee Gun peak, it has few routes such as Manzushir route (7km), Tur Khurkh (9 km)


Mongolia hiking tour near Ulaanbaatar


The trekking adventure will start where local team will meet you at the airport. Whole trip will be managed skillfully from start to end. Mongolian horses and camels or yaks are part of the team carrying your luggage and tools through the places inaccessible by vehicles. Serenity of wild open valleys, snow-capped mountains and stunning lakes make journey real paradise for a trekkers and nature- lovers. While meetings with local inhabitants you will find their hardness and generosity seem like the arid and spectacular nature which surrounds them.  Chinggis Khaan Statue and Terelj National Park Weekend Tour 


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