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She is the youngest female huntress in the history of eagle hunting tradition

The strong customs of Kazakhs has been continued for thousands of years that “Women have to stay home and take care of children”. But Aishol-pan breaks with this custom by following her father into the mountains as he pursues foxes, the source of the meat and fur garments enabling the Kazakhs to survive the bitter winter, with his eagle companion. In 2014, Aishol-Pan-the teenage huntress participated and won the eagle hunting competition during the annual Golden Eagle Festival in Western Mongolia. 

mongolia golden eagle festival

Photo credit: Batzaya Choijiljav. Mongolian photographer and traveler 



Aisholpan and her eagle. Photo by Batzaya Choijiljav


aisholpan eagle huntress

Photo credit: Batzaya Choijiljav. News source: Caters News Agency 


She is a new film star 

The Eagle Huntress (2016) Dir. Otto Bell The Eagle Huntress is a documentary depicting the life of Aishol-pan, who is attempting to be the first woman eagle hunter in her native country of Mongolia. The movie’s heartwarming tale is only furthered by the feature of Aishol-pan’s father, who shares with the audience his encouragement of Aishol-pan’s drive to be a part of this typically male-dominated tradition. With narration provided by Daisy Ridley (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), The Eagle Huntress, while filmed in a cold climate, will leave you feeling inspired by one girl’s courageous task of breaking stereotypes placed on her by the men in her society. The film was officially opened in 28 countries. 

the eagle huntress film


Asher Svidensky, a photographer took her picture

Asher Svidensky, a photographer and travel writer, shot five boys learning the skill as well as the girl, Ashol-Pan. "To see her with the eagle was amazing," he recalls. "She was a lot more comfortable with it, a lot more powerful with it and a lot more at ease with it."

aisholpan photoPhoto by Asher Svidensky


She wants to be a doctor even she likes to play in the movie

After she was getting popular around the world, she has received many international and national university scholarships. As she says, Harvard University, London University, Astana University and local major universities sent their invitation to study. But her thought is she wants be a doctor even she likes to play. Her dream is to study in Harvard University. 

facts about aishol-pan

Photo by Batzaya Choijiljav

She became Asian game changer 

She was awarded Asian Game Changer in 2017 - For breaking gender barriers at a remarkably young age. She says she is happy that her story has inspired girls and women around the world. Closer to home, Aishol-pan’s example is already having a benefit: A growing number of girls in her Mongolian community have sought to train as eagle hunters. She hopes that young girls — wherever they live — can persevere in the face of doubt, criticism, and entrenched gender norms. “They must keep trying," she said, "and be brave. 

facts about Aisholpan

During the Annual Golden Eagle Festival. Photo by Batzaya Choijiljav


Her lifestyle and family

According to the tradition of Mongolian and Kazakh people, they teach children life lessons through homeschooling. And the children have to study those lessons at the young age while they are helping daily work stuffs. For instance, girls started to learn sewing their own clothes. Kazakh women make embroidery decoration for her home and it is so colorful and beautiful. As this tradition, Aishol-pan, do the same. She sews her own clothes and home decoration too. As a little girl in Mongolia, Aisholpan dreamt of flying an eagle like her Dad.  No malls, no Shake Shacks. Nope.  Just mountains, tents, gers, and goats.  Aisholpan was born into a Kazakh family of nomad herders going back 12 generations.  To supplement their income, Kazakh herders have a side career: training golden eagle chicks to hunt fox and game.


Photo by Batzaya Choijiljav 


She also attends annual "Spring Golden Eagle Festival"

She also attends annual "Spring Golden Eagle Festival" ,which is held at Chinggis Khaanii Khuree Complex in March. Kazakh Eagle Hunters came from Western Mongolia with their trained eagles in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, including the young eagle huntress Aishol Pan. Local Kazakhs show their eagle hunting culture and their unique traditions. It starts with the opening parade with well-dressed hunters and is about authentic competitions of eagle training skills and hunting with golden eagles. Also there are Mongolian falconers gathered and show ancient warrior-skill performance on horseback.

spring golden eagle festival

During the spring golden eagle festival. Photo by Batzaya Choijiljav




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