4 Day Mongolia Photography Tour by Ayan Travel

Visiting wonderful places is not difficult, but learning to make great pictures is an art. 
No matter if you are a photographer or cell phone shooter looking to improve your photography or be taken to professional set of high caliber images  during your short time visit in Mongolia. Here we offer you great deals of naturally, historically and culturally brilliant 4-day photo tour in central region of Mongolia. We are so proud of our past guests had been skilled photographers, bloggers, travel magazine and nature- landscape photographers known as globally and nationally. We are always happy to help you discover best Mongolian photography locations and take you to most visited, most closest destination from capital Ulaanbaatar and plus most worthiest photographing places within short time. 


Four days tour Mongolia

This short Mongolia photography tour can be tailored to all levels of photographers from amateurs to pros and our photo guides and instructors will support with accurate and invaluable advice, essential inputs on lighting, time of day and locations while keeping in line with your visions to capture the right and eye-catching moments.

4 Day Mongolia Photography Tour Destinations 

Our short outdoor photography tour itinerary includes Hustai National Park, Elsen Tasarkhai Sand dunes, Orkhon Valley, Ancient capital city- Kharkhorin, oldest surviving monastery Erdene-Zuu, deep inside nomadic family visits and central Mongolian horse culture and Ugii Lake. Let’s take a look at itinerary you can explore and photograph within  for days.


mongolia photography tour


Day 1- Hustai National Park – Wildlife Photography Mongolia 

Great wildlife photography can be result of being in the right place at the right time. Do you agree?  Our first destination is Hustai National Park, to the 100km west of Ulaanbaatar. Hustai National Park is one of the Mongolian  national parks, well known as a home to Przewalski’s horses- last truly wild horses on earth.


wild horse mongolia


khustai national park


khustai national park

Learn about wild animals you want to capture, ways how to identify them in the field so you will know what you going to photographing. Birds in Khustai National Park


khustai national park Takhi wild horses

These wild horses are cousin to Zebras and Wild ass which all fall under Equidae family.


Best to know - it is important not to disturb wildlife, therefore, staying quiet, keeping distance and using large prime lenses will do the magic for your camera. For bird watching in Khustai National Park, as you know wildlife subjects are not always cooperative and may move around while you are trying desperately to photograph them, so zoom lenses provide composition options.

Day 2- Shots of Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes – Landscape Photography Mongolia

On our second day, heading to Elsen Tasarkhai Sand dunes, about 200 km far from Hustai National Park, it is magnificent place to create portraits of wildlife and the landscape photography. Due to Sand dunes picturesque combination of Gobi Desert, green land and rocky mountain filled with wildlife, we advise you to use wide-range zoom lenses for “wildlife in the landscape” photos and be more creative in your image composition. No matter the time of day, the beautiful and ever-changing scene of this majestic sand dune-Elsen Tasarkhai will be full of wild life, energy and motion.


photography tour mongolia sand dune


elsen tasarkhai photography highlight


elsen tasarkhai sand dune photography

Spectacular rocky and woody mountain called Khogno Khan.


mongolia camel photography


Best to know- To take pictures of a sunrise and sunset, photography lovers need to arrive at the places ahead of time because the best positions in these places. All these detailed and photography related reminders and advices are prepared for your photography work. Have imagination of your photography workshop in Gobi Desert and discuss with your photo guide.

Day-3 Kharkhorin- Orkhon Valley Photography 

On the 3rd day, next shooting spot is Orkhon Valley listed in UNESCO world heritage site. You and your team find your own style of photography for Kharkhorin –ancient capital city of Mongol Empire, oldest surviving monastery Erdene-Zuu and other historically and naturally iconic landscape locations. These hidden gems are not that far from our previous destination Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dune, it is about 80km. All these places can be good practice, composition and exposure lighting for historical shots, architecture shots and great landscapes along with resident wildlife.


orkhon valley photography

Day -3 Erdene-Zuu Monastery – Mongolia Historical Photo Tour 

The oldest surviving monastery-Erdene-Zuu is famous for its picturesque landscape and long history. Both offer a great many picture-taking opportunities to photographers who are enthusiastic about both natural scenery and historical culture. Take your camera in hand, zoom and lens, to see those precious Buddhist statues and monastery dating back to 1585.


Orkhon Valley photography highlight


erdenezuu monastery photography

Erdene-Zuu monastery was established on the ruins of Ancient Khar Khorin city surrounded by fortress wall sized 420m each side, with 108 white stupas.


kharkhorin city overview photography

Hiking to the top of the valley in order to be sure to get another beautiful shot over Orkhon Valley.

Day-4 Lake Ugii-Mongolia Nomadic life and People Photography 

We’ll also arrange and prepare everything ready for your photographs deep inside of Mongolia's nomadic life and especially with combination of your request, interest of classic portrait and cultural video showing the nomad’s costume and heritages which all give a real sense of their unique and unchanged lives for thousand years. Our photo spot is Ugii Lake, about 80km from our previous Kharkhorin, Orkhon Valley. 


mongolia nomadic family visit

Ideas of capturing Mongolian nomadic life and visiting them are brand new experience and would be adventurous and more understanding to describe what you have captured.


lake ugii nomadic people Mongolia


lake ugii nomadic people


ugii alek bird watching mongolia

Moreover, Ugii Lake is famous as its fishing adventure and bird watching spots you can have private sessions with local or guided fisherman there. You can use underwater cameras for Ugii lake water life. 


ugii alek bird watching mongolia

Mongolian horses have an elegant appearance which attracts peoples’ interest and good companion with their riders no matter what the condition are .


ugii lake horse event Mongolia

Mongolian nomads work with their horses and their unique traditions from up close and on location. Mongolian horses’ these stocky physique makes them more energetic, strong and athletic.


mongolia photography tour


Van time VS Shooting time 

Regardless of short duration of our specialized photo tour, you will use most of your time as shooting time and less in van time. All included destinations we offering you are not far from each other and from last destination, Lake Ugii to Ulaanbaatar it takes about 320 km drive.


What to Pack and Essential Photography Equipment 

Make sure you pack the right equipment.

DSLR camera with tripod and remote shutter release

Telephoto zoom lens or standard lens 

Ultra-wide angle lens depending on the brand of your camera

Two or more extra batteries and chargers

Spare CF/SD cards

Comfortable backpack or bag for your gear

If you would like to talk over suitable equipment, please contact us and we will be happy to advice. Take suitable clothes as the weather and season. 

Recommended Time

This photography tour is suitable for all year round, with different seasonal beauties. The 4 seasonal time specials will add more colors to your photos:

Winter Photography Mongolia 

From November to February, amazing winter photos such as smoke rising from the Mongolian herders’ yurts, livestock grazing the winter grasslands, isolated aspen and birch groves, mist-frosted stream scenes and nomads' winter lifestyle, five domestic livestock – especially horses in a variety of winter pastoral settings. 


winter mongolia photography

If you prepare well with us, winter will be extremely challenging your capability of photographing but it will be much worth for effort. If your tour time matches, Mongolian Lunar Year-White Moon celebration is held between Jan to February. It will be great opportunity to get to know about Mongolian culture traditions and almost everything through this one of biggest holidays of Mongolia. 

Spring Photography Mongolia 

For Springtime Photography in Mongolia, especially from March to May, is the time to welcome new-born baby animals in Mongolia. You can be directly involved and seen in the process of births of calves, foals, lambs and other young animals.


spring photography mongolia

An important part of the Mongolian calendar to local people, the festivals and holidays in spring which are wonderful opportunities for visitors to see in action, how the natural world – the landscape and the wildlife – lies at the center of Mongolian culture and traditions in spring of Mongolia. We are always excited to take our guests along to enjoy the fun even in time of spring. 

Summer Photography Mongolia 

Summer is also best time photography in Mongolia and you certainly need much more time to take in this supremely beautiful, historical and wild nature travel through Mongolia.


Elsen tasarkhai Sand dune


Even these months, often ranked as the best touristic period, you’ll get a chance to catch sight of some highlights of the Mongolia,  National Naadam festival in July or local Naadam festivals in the countryside throughout June, July and August. If your tour time is scheduled around late of July, Yak Festival in Orkhon Valley can be highly suggested to visit and photograph.


Autumn Photography Mongolia

Autumn, from August to October, is one of the most picturesque times in Mongolia. If you choose our tour during season of autumn, you will experience the best this season has to offer – and how to capture the pictures that will reflect memories for a lifetime and leading you diverse landscapes showcasing spectacular natural wonders, and ancient monasteries preserving thousands of years of history. 


Autumn in Mongolia photography tour


Especially side of nomadic life in autumn for preparing upcoming long and cold winter months and if you are lucky, you can capture migration of herders with their livestock to their winter homes. 


What would be your Mongolian travel without the pictures you may review once at home? We want you to go home feeling that you have not only been to some fantastic places, met some great people, and had a fabulous time-but also, and most importantly, you have learnt something new and feel confident in your abilities as a photographer. All you need is to bring your camera equipment and an open mind! 




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