MONGOLIA TRAVEL NEWS 15 Photos That Prove Why Mongolia Is Simply Awesome

Still haven’t traveled to truly unchanged life where Mother Nature reigns supreme, Mongolia is Wild and Raw. Rich in beautiful sceneries of mountains, forest steppes, Taiga, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, flora and fauna, nomads, history, culture, people and everything about Mongolia is Awesome. It is truly the land of Eternal Blue Sky and land of Horse. If you don’t believe me, just let these awesome photos to prove it and convince you to come over. Photographer Batzaya Choijiljav


#1 Historical Orkhon Valley

mongolian photos amazing mongolia

Legendary Orkhon Valley- Cultural landscape - lies along banks of Orkhon River- one of Three Holy of Chinggis Khan.

UNESCO culture heritage site- Ancient Mongol Empire’s Capital city- Kharkhorin 


#2 Ulaanbaatar, The Capital City Of Mongolia

ub picture mongolia

Modern capital-Ulaanbaatar- Simply UB - Population with over 1.3 million- Covers over 1.800 square miles- Fastest growing capital city- Nearly growing 1000 times over 88 years


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#3 Wild Wild Mongolia 

mongolia photo wildlife

Argali - the largest species of wild sheep. Mongolian Wildlife - Fauna reported in the wild consists of 139 mammal species, 448 species of birds (including 331 migratory and 119 resident birds), 76 species of fish, 22 reptile species, and six species of amphibians. /


#4 Endless Steppes Of Eastern Mongolia 

mongolia picture wildlife

Dornod Mongol was declared as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2005. A biosphere reserve aims to preserve the environment while allowing local communities to be involved in sustainable development.


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#5 Mysterious Gobi desert Of Mongolia 

Mongolian Gobi photo

Mongolian Gobi Desert – Sits over 1.3 million square kilo- Gobi means Waterless Place- Full of Dinosaurs fossil beds- Important historical and archeological Location


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#6 Orkhon Waterfall – Also Called Ulaan Tsutgalan 

Waterfall Mongolia photo

Orkhon Waterfall – also called Ulaan Tsutgalan - Located in Orkhon Valley- 20 meter high 10 meter wide- Formed after earthquake and volcanic eruptions more than 20,000 years ago.


#7 Buddhist Monasteries And Temples In Mongolia 

mongolia in 25 photos

Buddhist monasteries and temples- Sacred places for prayers-Religious festivals and events- Almost seen in every provinces- Danshig Naadam -Spiritual and Energy centers


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# 8 Mongolia Not Only A Country Of Rolling Plateaus

mongolia  altai mountain picture

Mongolia Not Only A Country Of Rolling Plateaus it has also a home to ragged mountains. Altai Mountains- Western Mongolia- Highest point of Mongolia- Khuiten Peak with 4.374m - Altai Tavan Bogd National Park


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#9 An Ancient Eagle Hunting Tradition Is Still Exist In Mongolia 

eagle hunter mongolia

Kazakh ethnic group of Mongolia lives in the high mountain range in western Mongolia, they are  Eagle Hunters and organize Eagle Hunting Festival annually.


More about Kazakh people:

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#10 Our Ancestors’ Were Amazing Artists 

mongolia in photos

Tsagaan Salaa rock paintings- UNESCO world heritage site- more than 10000 painting on the rocks- covers 15 square kilometers- Mainly representing hunting and breeding scenes.


More about our history :

               - Petroglyphs Complexes of the Mongolian Altai, Mongolia.

               - Mongolian History 


#11 Magnificent Lakes In Mongolia

lakes mongolia

The lakes in Mongolia are distributed unevenly across the country. Many, including some of the largest, can be found in the Great Lakes Depression between the Altai, Khangai and Tannu-Ola mountain ranges in the west. A second group can be found in mountain valleys throughout the country. Lake Khövsgöl in a rift valley south of the Russian Sayan Mountains has the largest volume because of its great depth. The remaining lakes found in the steppe areas and in the Gobi desert are usually smaller and shallow.


More about the lakes in Mongolia :

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#12 Taiga Mountains In Northern Mongolia 

mongolia taiga photo

Taiga-the hidden world, locates in the northernmost part of Mongolia. It is unbelievably incredible to take a fall trip to this less discovered place which deserves the travelers and adventurers. 


More about the Taiga mountains and Tsaatan people :

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# 13 Flowers of Mongolia 

Flowers Mongolia

Photo by Munkhjargal Myagmardorj

Mongolia is a home to thousands of species of wild flowers. While in you are travelling in Mongolia, you will definitely see and meet those beautiful, lovely and colorful wild flowers. Especially those early wild flowers give us sign of nature that spring coming in Mongolia.


#14 Mongolia - The Land of Horses

Mongolian in picture

Mongolians have long and deep tradition or culture which relates to the horses. Mongolian horses are small but strong and they are well known as good companion of the Mongol soldiers during the war also worshipped and respected by steppe nomads as its spiritual power.


More about Mongolian horses :

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#15 National Holiday - Naadam Festival Makes Mongolia A Colorful 

naadam festival photo

Naadam is the festival of “National Pride” and it is the only one of its kind; it is a sophisticated and eloquent expression of nomadic culture, it is the honored celebration of a national independence, and it is an outstanding combination of arts and sports.


More about Mongolian Naadam festival :

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So, are you convinced? If you want to travel through these beautiful places or want to take a pictures of Mongolia, please just contact us and we are here to help you for all your travel arrangements in Mongolia. 


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