Travel Destination Ulaanbaatar - Capital city of Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Central Asian Mongol Nomads. With residents of 1.3 million, capital city Ulaanbaatar itself, the living place for almost 40% of total population of Mongolia. The political, cultural, industrial and international and domestic transportation center of the country, the general base for all business and development and it is the natural headquarter of all major travels to the countryside. Connected by highway to all the major towns in Mongolia and by rail to the Trans-Siberian railroad systems.

City offers all type of tour activities and entertainment and international commercial services to tourists and business travelers. There is a plenty of accommodations for staying overnights; luxury hotels, guesthouses, hostels and even tourist camps, resorts and lodges are available just outside of UB. Many museums, monasteries, shopping centers, market places, souvenir shops to visit and do shopping, a variety of cuisine of fine dining restaurants, fast food buffets are available 7/24, the evening cultural performances or night entertainments, night clubs, public events and live music concerts to attend and enjoy with, only thing left is which one you prepare to go or choose for what you needs.

The city has all the convenience of modern life it's residents and visitors needed and yet if you want to escape for a few hours, the countryside is only a bus ride away. Although Ulaanbaatar is located at the highest altitude with the coldest climatic conditions, it gives a warm welcome to the visitors and travelers.

All of our tours starts and are managed from Ulaanbaatar. Therefore you will have at least 1-2 days in the city during which we will take you to the Sukhbaatar square and Museums, as well as an amazing cultural performances and shopping places, evening and night entertainments.

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