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Mongolia Overland Tour 2018

from 1750$

Golden Gobi and Kharkhorin tour Mongolia

Central Mongolian Tour Destination
from 1660$

Gobi Desert and Orkhon Valley tour

Erdenezuu monastery tour
from 1250$

NAADAM FESTIVAL 2018 in Western Mongolia tour

Mongolia Naadam festival tour 2018
from 2600$

Untouched beauty of Mongolia - Grand tour

Mongolia 20 days tour
from 2980$

Naadam Festival and Gobi Desert tour

Naadam festival Mongolia, Mongolia festival tours, tours Mongolia, Mongolia national holiday
from 1750$

Eagle Hunting Festival and Golden Gobi-2018 tour

Kazakh eagle hunter  Mongolia
from 1800$

Discovering Homeland of Chinggis Khaan tour

Mongolian discovery tours, Chinggis Khaan, Mongolia travel, tours Mongolia
from 1250$

Journey Along Latitude 100' tour

long tour mongolia, big loop tour Mongolia, Mongolian round trip, 18 days tour Mongolia, Mongolian adventure tour
from 2390$

Joyful Adventure in Khangai Region tour

Mongolian Nomad tours, nomad tour Mongolia, Mongolia tour, tours Mongolia
from 1650$

Discovery to the far west Mongolia tour

Mongol Altai Mountains, western tour, tours Mongolia, Mongolia travel
from 2500$

Vertical big loop North to South of Mongolia tour

Mongolia discovery tour, Mongolia tours, tours Mongolia, grand tour Mongolia
from 2700$

Golden Gobi short tour

Gobi Desert short tour, gobi tour, short tour, tours Mongolia, Mongolia tours
from 1280$

Living a nomad life in Orkhon valley tour

Stay nomad family Mongolia, nomad tours, tours Mongolia, Mongolia nomads
from 1050$

Eastern Mongolia Tour

Eastern Mongolia - Bird watching tour destination
from 1850$

Tsam religious festival and Golden Gobi-2018 tour

Tsam festival in Mongolia, Mongolia festival tours, tours Mongolia,
from 1950$


Mongolian Cultural tours, nomad tours, Mongolian nomads, tours Mongolia
from 1850$

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  • 0-3years old - 100% discount
  • 3-12 years old -50% discount
  • above 12 years – 0% discount
  • Children between the ages of 12–18 are welcome to travel with Ayan Travel on a request basis and must be accompanied by an adult. Children under age of 12 are might not be comfortable to travel many days withtheir parents in Mongolia.Because of most of Mongolian tours have more than 5 days of countryside offroadtrips included.

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