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There are more than 50 popular events and festivals happening across Mongolia, annually. Enjoying or attending in Mongolian festivals can be uncommon ...

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Without doubt Mongolia is one of the most adventurous destinations and has a rich culture and a great history. If you seek an ADVENTURE that is truly ...

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By Doljinsuren on March 30, 2017       Most of our friends ask me ‘what is camel riding like?’ and how is Mong...

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GORKHI-TERELJ National Park is considered one of the most beautiful worth visiting places for travelers who wanted to rest in surroundings near UB. If...

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This is our capital city Ulaanbaatar, the largest city with over one-third of the Mongolia’s population lives here and is the political, cultura...

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Tsaatans, known as Reindeer Herders, live in Khuvsgul Province in Northern Mongolia near the Russian border.  Their lives are divided into two pa...

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        Tsaatans, known as Reindeer Herders, live in the Khuvsgul Province, Northern Part of Mongolia which is nea...

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  During the winter time, we have so many modern and traditional festivals and sporting events to enjoy with. A part of some of those festi...

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This is the time of winter in Mongolia. A peacefully, countryside sleeps under snow white blanket until next spring comes. But nomadic nations dai...

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