MONGOLIA TRAVEL NEWS Pterosaur, the Largest Flying Creature, was discovered in Mongolian Gobi

Newly found giant creature, Pterosaur, lived 70 million years ago, inhabitant of warm desert, today’s Mongolian Gobi.

In 2006,  Buuvei.M who is paleontologist of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences first discovered the bones of this gigantic animal in region of Mongolia's Gobi desert known as the Nemegt Formation, an area where many dinosaur bones have been found before.


Mongolia Gobi Desert Pterosaur


They sent the fossil to the University of Tokyo for further analysis before a re-examination of the site uncovered more remains. But many of the bones were broken into tiny fragments, meaning it took researchers years to piece them back together.


Mongolia Gobi Pterosaur


Pterosaurs were reptiles, according to the American Museum of Natural History. They were close cousins to dinosaurs, and some were as tiny as a paper airplane. From these fossil bones they determined the creature was huge. The flesh-eating huge reptile, which was the size of a small plane with a wingspan stretching 11 metres (36ft), was likely one of the largest animals ever to fly. No pterosaur that large had been found in Asia until this one. 


Mongolia dinosaur Pterosaur Gobi Desert


The Nemegt Formation, locates in western region of Mongolian Gobi,  (the upper beds) are composed of shales and sandstones that were deposited by ancient lakes, streams, and flood plains.  When examined, the rock facies of this formation suggest the presence of stream and river channels, mudflats, and shallow lakes. Sediments also indicate that there existed a rich habitat, offering diverse food in abundant amounts that could sustain massive Cretaceous dinosaurs. 


Mongolia Gobi   Nemegt basin pterosaur




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