MONGOLIA TRAVEL NEWS Mongolia is ranked one of the most deserved countries by travelers on National Geographic

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National Geographic Traveler determines the 10 Places That Deserve More Travelers, annually. And in 2017, Mongolia is ranked the 3rd most deserved countries by travelers on earth. Let’s find out what places are listed and why they are so especial for travelers and adventurers. And don't forget to check out Mongolia too 


MONGOLIA With its stunning steppes and tradition of raucous hospitality, Mongolia is one of the best destinations on earth for the bold outdoor traveler. Take the legendary Trans-Siberian Express across the country, or make the most of its stunning views by doing what locals do and riding: Horse tours are plentiful (and relatively affordable). Or come during the season of Naadam festivities in June to witness dizzying displays of the three “manly” sports: Archery, horseback riding, and wrestling. 

National Geographic Mongolia


Mongolia on National Geographic


National Geographic traveler about Mongolia


National Geographic about Mongolia


In addition to this article we suggest you following travel information and tours we organize in Mongolia.  Mongolia is not only a country of edless steppes, hospitable people but also a country of great history, unique culture and stunning wildlife. So please, visit the links below to find out more. 






Resource: National Geographic Traveler 

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